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Roller tip rocker arms.

Rear Main Bearing Seal

B rear main bearing seal holder for the Terry Burtz B-6335 one piece seal, machined out of 7075 aluminum.

$85.00* ea.

$75.00* ea.
(w/o seal)


Model A or B flywheel, cut down to 27 pounds and machined for 9 inch Ford pressure place, includes new ring gear and is ready to go.


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Intake ports are 1 5/8 inch diameter, O-ring sealed.

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Intake valve is 2.050 diameter, Exhaust valve is 1.600 diameter made in stainless steel. Compression ratio is 9:1

Crankshaft Counterweights

Set of four crankshaft counterweights, made just like Ford made them. Sweat them on, no welding needed. Machining required to fit Model A or B cranks.    

(set of 4)

Complete Flywheel and V8 Ford clutch plate



Cragar Four Port Cylinder Head for Ford B Engines

​​Developed for street use, rather than racing,  due to it's mild valve spring pressures,   its  9:1 compression ratio runs smoothly on regular fuel.    Heads arrive complete and ready to install.
Views show head complete with water pump choices (original Cragar type on right ... cast goose neck and thermostat on left).
It comes with 8 tappets, 8 push rods and distributor drive shaft.  One copper sandwich type head gasket, 14 ARP head studs.  Grade 8 nuts and washers.

Our valve train is also unique to this head only,  with needle bearing and roller tip rocker arms, 2:1 ratio,  stud mounted.  A .275 lift cam lobe will produce .550 lift at the valve.  At this lift,  the head has flowed 285 cfm of air at 28hg water.

 Cast from high quality 355-T6 aluminum alloy.   Head feature replaceable precision bronze valve guides that are easily repaired and 2.050 inch intake and 1.600 inch exhaust stainless valves. Head accepts long reach RC-12-YC or

RN-12-YC  Champion 14mm spark plugs.


Bulletproof Aluminum rods for the B engine,  made of  7075 T-6 aircraft alloy,  machined to except the Triumph TR-4 insert bearings.

Set of four $1360.00

Crossdrilled/Counterweighted crankshaft

Crankshafts are cross drilled for oil pressure to rods, counterweighted and machined for oil seals, freshly reground. 

Model A & B cranks------------$1250.00

Model A & B cranks -undrilled----$995.00

Transmission Bellhousing Adapter

This adaptor will except any GM transmission bolt pattern, like the Richmond, Muncie four speeds or the T-5 five speed.  It will come with the clutch throw-out shaft and fork, including a new pilot bearing.   Ready to install.


d4b Flathead Cylinder head

​This d4b cylinder head is a copy of the Thomas flathead that I used to produce about 10 years ago.  It has 7:1 compression, uses long reach 14mm spark plugs, like the Champion RC12YC or the RN12YC.   I now have remade it in a style that will allow the use of the 1932 B water pump. New replacement water pumps can be found elsewhere on this site.  This head has many improvements over the previous head.  It has lots of structural advantages internally that make for a much stronger head where the original Thomas head didn’t have thick enough material to help reduce the possibility of blown head gaskets.   In particular the area between cylinders 1 & 2 and cylinders 3 & 4 have been beef up with an internal rib about 1 inch tall to stiffen up the head.  It is also produced with a 9/16 inch thick deck.  This head also has a great squish area directly above the piston,  note no piston relief.  This causes lots of turbulence in the chamber and better fuel burn.   The clearance between the head and the block is only the thickness of the head gasket, therefore, pistons must not come up out of the cylinder bores more than .030,,,,,,,more than this and there could be piston to head contact……This must be fixed during engine assembly by checking and machining the piston tops down to the correct clearance.  Also note that the water pump is O-ring sealed.  Any standard B cylinder head gasket will work with this head.  Comes ready to install.

​$600.00*      ad $30 for new B head gasket

Cylinder Head Gaskets for Four Port Riley & Cragar cylinder heads

Copper sandwich-type head gaskets with 4.060 inch bores. For the overhead valve cylinder heads on A/B engine blocks. Made of two sheets of .010 thick copper, rolled in the combustion chamber for a fire ring, and include .060 of E-6005 non-asbestos material for a total gasket thickness of .080. Water jacket holes are fitted with a copper ringlet.

Cragar gasket $160.00

Riley Four Port gasket $210.00

To order an illustrated brochure of our car parts for Model A and Model B Fords,
please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to our address.

Oil Filter System

System includes all lines, fittings, adapter and filter to work with our oil pump. Also includes choice of side cover with gasket, either OHV covering the old exhaust and intake ports or a cover for use with flathead type cylinder heads.


Dan4banger Aluminum Rods.

Roller rocker arm with polley lock, needle bearing trunion  and roller tip 

Our mission is the same as it always has been since 1985; to provide top-quality speed and performance parts for 1928-1934 Model A & Model B four bangers.

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Valve Cover Gasket

Gasket for original Miller/Cragar cast-iron cylinder heads. Made of 3/16 inch cork and rubber.


Rocker Arm Assembly

Rocker arm assembly for the original Miller/Cragar heads, new shaft, stands, Austin Healy rocker arms provide a 1:42 rocker arm ratio. Compare this to the originals that were 1:25 to 1 and this will provide a 15% increase in valve lift, ready to go on your head.


High Volume Oil Pump​

Pump uses larger-than-stock gears, has an adjustable relief valve and fits the stock pan.
Stock splash tray must be trimmed for clearance and have a drilled crank for full pressure. Cannot use original mechanical fuel pump.


Crower Rods​

Bulletproof rods for the Model B engine that accept Triumph TR-4 bearings.

Set of four $1660.00*

*Prices do not include UPS shipping.
(Click product photo to open enlargement window.)

Send me your crank and let me install the weights,,,,,ad $250.00

I also have cross drilling available on your crankshaft @ $200.00 and

regrinding rods & mains @ $200.00

part detail

Copper sandwich type head gasket, 14 Grade 8, 7/16 head studs, nuts and hard steel washers, Distributor drive shaft.

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A close-up of the Cragar style water pump illustrates five sealed roller bearings, ceramic seal and a four fin brass impeller.


Having shipped hot rod parts all over the world from our small facility in central Ohio, we have been fortunate to meet fellow rodders and make friends around the globe. When we're not manufacturing car parts for great four bangers, we're usually tinkering with our own vintage speedster.If you are in our area, we invite you to visit and check out our collection of over forty overhead valve racing A & B engines and cylinder heads on display in our showroom. We hope you'll enjoy browsing our online catalog and give us a call when you're ready to add quality speed and performance parts to your own vehicle!

—Dan Price 

Model B Water Pump

This is a new aluminum pump with five

sealed bearings, a ceramic seal,   a

bronze impeller, and a 180 degree GM

thermostat and a boss to install a

sending unit for temp gauge.


Model T Main Bearing Caps

Required caps for installing Model A crankshaft in T block. Set comes with parting line and machined bolt holes ready to babbitt and fit T block. Two small bosses included to install dowel pin for indexing.

(set of 3)

OHV Side Valve Cover for Model B Blocks

Model B overhead valve side cover cast of premium aluminum alloy, also available for engine blocks equipped with flat head type cylinder heads.


Side-valve Chamber Gasket

Side-valve chamber gasket, .060 thick. Made of cork and rubber. For the overhead valve engines using covers that cover the old exhaust/intake ports. This same gasket can be used on engines with flathead-type cylinder heads by cutting the top part away.


Cragar Water Pumps


 Cragar water pumps available seperately in one of either two styles. 

$425.00* ea

part detail

Log style intake manifold for Two Stromberg 97's.

Over head valve and flat head type tube headers

Tube headers for the Miller/Cragar overhead valve cylinder head for Model A 1928-1931 and 1932-1934 chassis. These headers have a 3/8 header plate mounting flange with 1 5/8 primary tubes to a collector outlet of 1 7/8 inch. Included also is an extra flange plate and gasket/bolts to connect to an existing exhaust system. Headers are also available with the flange plate to connect to the new Cragar cross flow head with blocked off intake ports and the extra bolt holes at each end of the plate.